Dishwasher Not Cleaning? Tips to Improve Performance

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Wondering why is your dishwasher not cleaning dishes well? Probably it’s time that the dishwasher needs your attention. Cleaning the dishwasher regularly keeps the performance at its best. Your dishes will come out spotless clean and the machine will last longer. Here, we’ll explain tips to improve dishwasher performance that are essential for dishwasher care.

By now, you should be thinking that a dishwasher is a self-cleaning appliance and why do we need to clean it? Well, the washed away food and grease accumulate and cause a build-up after frequent use. Therefore, it is necessary to follow the basic Maintenance Tips for a dishwasher to perform as good as new.

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Dishwasher Not Cleaning Dishes? Easy Tips to Follow

Follow the below tips for a dishwasher to perform efficiently;


Run the Dishwasher Daily

Operating the dishwasher daily reduces the chances of waste build-up. The washed-away food does not accumulate at the bottom and keeps the area clean. Also, remember to properly load the dishes for the water to run as it is supposed to. And, the litter will not roam around on the dishes.

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Start it with Hot Water

Starting the dishwasher with hot water literally improves its performance. It is recommended to run water in the sink until the hot water comes. The pre-rinse sprinkle on the dirty dishes will loosen up the stuck-on food and clean them well.


Clean Filter Regularly

Filter has an important role in a dishwasher. It catches the washed-away food and prevents it from re-circulating on the washed dishes. Clean the filter on regular basis and it will keep performing efficiently. As a result, your dishes will come out sparkling clean, especially the glassware will appear shining without white film.

It is recommended to clean the filter once a month. Take it out and rinse it with hot pressure water. After that, use a toothbrush to scrub the mixture of white vinegar and baking soda.

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Keep the Gasket Clean

Gasket is the seal on the door which prevents water leakage from the door front. After continuous use, debris and detergent foam build up on the door and it results in water leaking. We suggest you wipe the gasket with white vinegar and baking soda on weekly basis. Resultantly, the dishwasher will be odor-free and it will not catch up fungus also.

Always remember to use Household Gloves while cleaning.

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Use Vinegar to Cut Down Debris

White vinegar is a natural cleaning ingredient and extremely efficient in removing stuck-on stains. We recommend you clean the dishwasher interior once a week. For that, empty the dishwasher and place a bowl full of vinegar on the top rack. Run a normal wash cycle and let the vinegar cut down the stuck dishwasher detergent and food particles.


Inspect Spray Arms

The spray arms are the vital parts of a dishwasher and have an important role in washing the dishes. They spray water on the dishes through the holes for thorough cleaning. However, these holes can get blocked and need to be inspected regularly. We recommend cleaning them with a toothbrush once a week. Also, open the holes with the help of an Aluminum Wire or needle, etc.

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